Cost, Professionalism, and Time!

Fixed Costs – Since our on-site charges are based by the container, you do not pay for time spent collecting the documents and transporting the documents to the shred vehicle.

Our new Mobile Shred Unit has the capability to shred at a rate between 3,000 and 6,000 pounds per hour. In addition many office shredders might shred between 20 and 50 pounds per hour. does not feed your documents onto a conveyor belt to be transported to a shredder. We use a “no touch system” allowing our security operator to feed in excess of 200 pounds per tilt.

  • A “certificate of destruction” is issued upon completion of each service call.
  • All shredded paper will be recycled. The material is transported to our own processing facility, baled and delivered to a paper mill for final conversion.
  • In addition to supplying you with containers at no charge we can also shred an unlimited number of documents stored in your boxes. personnel are bonded and fully insured!